Body Nurish Hand & Body Products



Daily FACIAL Routine


      •  Cleanser, Coconut Milk

      •  Cleanser, Gentle Foaming

      •  Toner, Hydrating Facial

      •  Vitamin C Treatment

      •  Face Cream

      •  Eye Cream

      •  Face Mist



Enhanced FACIAL Routine


      •  Herbal Steam

      •  Green Clay Mask

      • Almond Honey Mask

      •  Jelly Mask

      •  Daily Renewal Peel



Daily BODY Routine


      •  Salt Scrub

      •  Foot Treatment

      •  Cocoa Butter Skin Oil

      •  Comfrey Leaf Lotion



Enhanced BODY Routine


      •  Coconut Sugar Scrub

      •  Hair & Scalp Treatment

      •  Moroccan Argan Oil




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Body Nurish Almond Honey Clay MaskORGANIC ALMOND HONEY CLAY MASK


This rejuvenating clay mask is designed to lightly exfoliate, cleanse, and soften the skin's surface. This rich and hydrating mask will leave your skin looking youthful and glowing.


• excellent for all skin types

• emollient

• nourishing


CONTAINS: Organic aloe vera gel, almond milk, olive oil, glycerin, pink kaolin clay vegetable emulsifying wax, honey powder, and xanthum gum, with glucose and enzyme as natural preservatives.


DIRECTIONS: Spread 1 tbsp over entire face & neck avoiding the delicate areas around eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and wash cloth. Pat skin dry.


Item No. BN23                           4 oz Glass                     $20.00


Body Nurish Green Clay Refinisher Facial MaskGREEN CLAY REFINISHER FACIAL MASK

With Vitamin C and CoQ10


Cleans away dead skin cells and smooths out the complexion. Instantly

enhances skin with deep therapeutic results.


• stimulates new cell growth

• purifies and cleans skin

• balances skin oils

• long lasting results


CONTAINS: Organic green clay, organic blue and white corn meal, organic calendula flower, red rose petals, lavender, chamomile, jojoba meal, vitamin C ester, MSM, and pure essential oil of lavandin grosso.


DIRECTIONS: Mix (1) tablespoon of mask with 1/2 tablespoon of water* in the palm of your hand. Massage gently over the entire face, working the mask over the skin with your fingers. Follow with Hydrating Facial Toner. *Water may be substituted with: apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, coconut milk, honey & egg, or vegetable oil.


Item No. BN8                            4 oz  Glass                    $20.00


Body Nurish Herbal Facial SteamHERBAL FACIAL STEAM

With Organic Flower Essences


An important step to cleansing the pores, flushing out toxins, accelerating cell regeneration, and hydrating the skin.


• purifies and cleanses

• balances oil production

• returns glow and vitality

• aromatherapeutic


CONTAINS: All flowers are organic: chamomile flower, red rose petals, pink rose buds, purple rose buds, lavender flower, and calendula flower.


DIRECTIONS: Add (1) heaping tablespoon  to (1) quart of boiling water. Pour mixture into a bowl. Sit 12 inches from the bowl, close your eyes, drape a towel over your head to capture the steam. Steam face for 10 to 15 minutes.


*After your steam—for benefits: strain and separate the mixture from the flower water. Store flower water in a closed container and refrigerate. Use the flower water as a facial splash morning &evening. It’s invigorating and refreshing!



Item No. BN7                           4 oz  Glass                    $12.00


Body Nurish Herbal Jelly Mask


For face and neck


Soothing Herbal Jelly Mask is infused with herbs that are traditionally used to heal and soothe irritable and damaged skin. This mask feels cool and calming while toning and conditioning the skin.


• heals and soothes

• lightweight and oil free

• rich in natural vitamins and minerals


CONTAINS: Distilled water infused with marshmallow root and calendula flower, orange blossom water, aloe vera gel, rose water, seaweed, xanthum gum, essential oils of neroli and yazu, glucose, and enzyme.


DIRECTIONS: Spread a thin layer of the mask over the face and neck.


Item No. BN17

4.0 oz  Glass



Body Nurish Daily Renewal Peel


Gentle Resurfacing


Helps stimulate and rejuvenate the skin's surface. Fruit and beta-enzymes naturally lift dead topical cells, revealing a younger, healthier glow.


• smooth, radiant look

• firm, vibrant tone

• aromatherapeutic

• invigorating


CONTAINS: Purified spring water; olive oil; plant-based emulsifying wax; beeswax; pineapple extract (bromelain); salicylic acid (betahydroxy complex); apple extract; 3% glycolic acid; carrot root oil; pure essential oils of neroli, rose, and sweet orange; glucose oxidase; and enzyme lactoperoxidase.


DIRECTIONS: Apply lightly to face avoiding eyes. Leave applied for duration of desired results. Rinse face thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.


Item No. BN9

2.0 oz  Glass



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