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~ Hi! My name is Annemari, and I was first introduced to the healing properties of Super Salve during a Wilderness First Responder class that I took a little over a year ago. I have since used it for many different applications. I use a wheelchair for mobility, and it has rough, mountain bike- type rear tires. I often pay for the ability to go where I want with very dry skin and abrasions on my hands and arms, and I have found Super Salve to be great for healing those up! Almost 3 weeks ago I was camping out, and I accidently spilled boiling water on myself, ending up with 1st and 2nd degree burns on my right foot and leg! After all the bandages came off, my skin was "peeling like a lizard"! I put Super Salve on it at least twice a day, and as of today, there is no peeling, and it is helping me heal up with no scars. My right foot is still bandaged, and I have to get it cleaned and re- dressed every day. It is healing up well and FAST too! The phys. therapist that I see uses Silvadene (burn cream) on the open wound itself, and I supplement that by applying Super Salve on the nearby skin to help it heal. After she saw the immpressive progress on the superficial burn on my leg, she suggested that I put Super Salve on the spots on my foot that are "closed up" already! I intend to use Super Salve on the top of my foot after it closes over with skin to help prevent scarring and improve the overall condition of my skin. I found and continue to find Super Salve a wonderful product with many uses. I have loved every Super Salve Inc. product that I have tried! I just wish Super Salve came in a tube, like toothpaste. This would make it not only easy to apply to a large area, but would help to avoid "double- dipping" and contamina- ting the jar with germs from different people. Thank you for helping me to heal quickly and in a way that boosts my self- esteem!! :-) :-)


~ Hi Denise, Our mutual dear friend, Bryan Smith, introduced me to your products at the 3HO Summer Solstice yoga camp in Espanola last summer. I've since treated a variety of ailments with the Arnica Muscle Easing Salve and the Calendula Salve. The most recent and dramatic results were in the healing of my mother's facial skin, intensely damaged from an allergic reaction to the chemical wipes used on her in a nursing home. The Calendula worked it's magic. The staff has been educated to use it. (Nursing Homes would be a good market.) I am spreading the word in western PA. Blessings to you and your miracles! - Lois


~ To the maker of Super Salve products, I stumbled upon your products at Winter Sun in Flagstaff Arizona. They impress me more and more each day I use them. I try to use products that are chemical free and animal cruelty free but until I started using your cleansers my skin never felt this good. I just wanted to write to thank you. Also I would love to see some products made specifically for teen skin or (what has been most difficult for me to find,) a chemical and cruelty free hair care line. Thanks again for your awesome products and your time.  Sincerely, Jessica


~ I just want you to know that I am really enjoying using your products. I have seen a remarkable difference. I thought you would like to know that the scent of many of them reminds me of Metopium... worn by Cleopatra they say. I received a sample of it years ago when visiting the Museum at Emory university during their ancient Egyptian exhibition. If you ever considered having out of state representatives, I would be interested in being one someday. (I am a high school teacher).


~ Today I replenished my supply of Sister Creations skin care products. Until I purchased and used the trial size of this product, I had a very casual approach to skin care. My regimen for attention to the condition of my skin had always been interrupted by any number of excuses ranging from fatigue to lack of time. But really, I now realize, I had been avoiding taking care of my skin because the many different products I had been using made my skin feel sticky, itchy, stingy or greasy. Many skin care professionals assured me that if I would just keep using their product long enough I would get over the initial discomfort. That the "breaking out" I was experiencing would go away. "After all", they insisted, "if it really is working you will naturally have a period of acne-like eruptions before your complexion starts to clear." In fact, I never did stay with the skin torture long enough to find out because my face felt better when I left it alone. Thank God! I now own a product that makes my skin tingle with joy and thanks. I actually look forward to waking up so that I can clean and moisturize my face. And I look forward to getting ready to retire when I can do it all again. It not only feels good, it smells good and my husband has taken to snuggling up with great appreciation for the pleasing scent I emit when I crawl into bed. The rosy glow I see in the mirror is further proof to me that these products really are the perfect skin care products for me! I learned of Sister Creations from my daughter, who shared with me her FIND. I saw that her normally lovely skin had recently taken on an enhanced clarity and glow that was unmistakable. Her pores were miniscule, her skin texture: radiant and smooth. So, today I replenished my supply of Sister Creations and am once again happy to realize that these products cost only a fraction of the nationally advertised products I have tried to use in the past. - Northern Arizona University Professor


~ Ms. Tracy: I did a follow up visit on an elderly patient today, both legs had multiple celluitus (sic) weeping sites six weeks ago, today all sites are closed, edema greatly reduced, skin color is rapidly returning to normal, patient reports the itching/burning feeling has been gone for over two weeks now.

The patient also states she will finish applying the remainder of the container of Super Salve to insure good skin health.- Dr.J, San Diego CA


~ ...she recommended your Calendula Salve for my 12 year old son's half sunburned face. My son had been skiing and did not pay attention while applying his sunscreen. The result was a splotchy sunburn that caused his left eye to swell. (He refused to wear goggles or sunglasses).We were amazed at the salve's ability to reduce the inflammation and the pain. Equally amazing was the fact that it did not cause his face to break out due to any clogged pores. What wonderful stuff...We will never be without a tin of calendula. I also purchased your Sierra Madre Sun Cream. What a great sunscreen and all around skin care product.The first day I used it at the pool, my friends flocked to me, to try this wonderful smelling lotion...notreallymyemailaddress@aol.com


~ Dear Super Salve Company Representative: I recently discovered your "Arnica Muscle Easing Salve" while on a grueling mountain bike trek from Telluride, CO to Moab, UT and on to Crested Butte, CO. This stuff is muscle magic in a little jar!! I am interested in getting more...E.D.- Saratoga CA


~ (handwritten note on the bottom of our order form) I am an acrobat at Disney World & have many aches & pains. I had Super Salve's Arnica & it was the best. I ran out & could not find it anywhere; until I threw "Super Salve" into a search engine. Yippee!!  - B.K.P. the "Tumble Monkey"- Kissimee FL


~ Dear Sir/Madam: This past summer I purchased two bottles of Super Salve at Phantom Ranch. The salve was SUPER!!! It prevented cracked hands and feet. I would like to order some more of your wonderful product. GY - Cupertino CA


~ Hello! I returned not too long ago from a river rafting trip through the Grand Canyon and became introduced to your products from our guides. They are wonderful! I cannot say enough great things about your lip balms and sun creams! I work for a sea kayak company in the Pacific Northwest, and although we don't receive as much sun as you do down south, the salt water and the sun's reflection off the water can take a toll on your skin. I'm hoping to hook some of our guides onto your product with my following order — I don't think I'll have a hard time doing so! Thank you for such a great product. I can't wait to receive my order! - HB, Pacific Northwest


~ Dear People: Your Comfrey Leaf lip balm is great stuff. I have been using it for the last 3-4 years. It's about the only thing I can use without getting an unpleasant reaction. However, recently going into one of the stores where I usually buy it, I could not find it. I would very much like to know how else I might obtain your product... MA, Flagstaff AZ


~ Dear Folk at Super Salve: I am extremely allergic & have a hard time finding lip creme which does not cause my lips to peel off. Your comfrey leaf lip balm has worked w/no reaction! I cannot find it locally. Is it possible to order, say a dozen tubes directly from you? Thanks - SL, Aztec NM


~ Dear Sir or Madam: I purchased a tube of your calendula lip balm in Bozeman, MT and LOVE IT! Please let me know if it is sold anywhere in Billings and if not, if you would be willing to send some to me. Thanks. -SB, Billings, MT


~ Hello! My housemate turned me on to your Super Salve! I'm using it on a wound on my cat's head and it's working wonderfully! - CCG, Austin, TX


~ My father purchased some Super Salve at Phantom Ranch in the bottom of the Grand Canyon this summer. Since then, it has proved amazingly efficacious on several rashes and other skin ailments. - HEB, Seattle, WA


~ To whom it may concern. Yesterday my knee was hurting after a strenuous day of skiing. My nephew gave me some of the Arnica Salve which I rubbed into the knee, and for the first time in years, after several hours, the pain was gone. - GN, Santa Monica, CA


~ Hello. I was recently in Glenwood NM and bought one of your skin care products—Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream. I really love it! I have lots of sensitivities to skin products and was grateful that your product was not creating reactions. - NH, Santa Fe, NM


~ To whom it may concern: I am a long-time user of Super Salve. I use it daily as an after shave medication with excellent results. - OAM Sahuarita, AZ


~ To Whom it May Concern: I have used your SUPER SALVE product for a couple of years now. I believe this product does wonders in healing abrasions and other skin wounds not to mention softening my skin after shaving. I tried Super Salve for the first time when I fell off a ladder onto some pavement and scraped the side of my face pretty severely. I put Super Salve on it while it was healing and now there is no evidence of any scars on my face. - HM, Ketchum, ID


~ Gentlemen, HELP! I am at the end of my last tube of CALENDULA LIP BALM!!! I love this stuff. Thanks guys--great product. - SM, Cypress, Texas


~ Your MIMOSA BLOSSOM DREAM CREAM is the BEST face cream I have ever tried! Having lived in the desert for over a decade, and working in the sun has left me with that leather face we all dread - my skin is always dry and tight, but with your cream it feels normal again. I use the Sierra Madre SPF sun cream during the day, and the Mimosa at night. I have tried so many fancy brand name creams that all cost a ridiculous amount of money and promise miracles and have constantly been disappointed. Thanks for making such a sweet product! It feels like it's filled with love and care. The fragrance is a pleasure to wake up to and my skin looks healthy and hydrated! I find that your cream makes an excellent give, and I usually buy some for my friends afar. They love it too! - CS, Taos, NM (April 15, 2009)


~ Just wanted to tell you how great your insect repellent is. I cannot use DEET, and let's not even talk about the migraine "Skin So Soft" gives me. So I have just had to suffer feeding the mosquitoes where ever I go. Last month we were in Glenwood down by the creek. Mom and I wore your repellent and Mike did not. He was quite munched on and we never got a single bite! Plus no funky skin reactions, no headaches. THANKS. (But I should have know it would be great; all your products are). - LG (August 13, 2009)











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