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Rose Phyto Face & Body Kit

Rose Phyto Face & Body Kit

Two is better than one, but six is even better and that’s how many products you’ll get in this beautiful set!

Start your skincare ritual with our Rose Phyto³ Gentle Face Cleanser, jam-packed with skin loving ingredients to remove all traces of dirt and grime, without ever stripping your skin. You’ll enjoy a foamy and creamy luxurious lather as a result of natural ingredients, never sulfates, and our anti-aging blend of rose and acaí stem cells, peptides, and fruit and herbal extracts. This blend will help to promote clear, healthy, and happy skin! Follow up with our Rose Phyto³ Facial Toner Refresh your skin and your senses with our Facial Mist containing our proprietary blend of rose and acaí stem cells, peptides, and super-fruit and herbal extracts Add deep hydration and infuse your skin with nutrients with our Rose Phyto3 Facial Oil is formulated with our signature blend of rose and acai stem cells, raw cold pressed oils, and pure essential oils. Our Pomegranate Hand and Body Lotion will envelop you in luscious hydration thanks to our signature blend of butters and botanical oils.Product Sizes: 5 oz Facial Cleanser, 4 oz Facial Toner, 1 oz Facial Cream, 1 oz Facial Oil, 4 oz Facial Mist, 4 oz Pomegranate Hand and Body Lotion.

CONTAINS: See individual products for ingredients.

DIRECTIONS: See individual products for use.