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Your skin is a reflection of the total you. Skin is alive; it's sensitive and emotional. There are many types of skin: normal, normal/dry, dry/flaky, oily, combination (some parts dry, others oily), dehydrated, over hydrated, inflamed, irritated, stressed out, and so on. With all skin types there is a common law, and that is aging. Aging of the skin happens to all of us.

There are two types of skin aging:

1) True aging  this happens very slowly over time. Good diet, plenty of water, exercise, relaxation, positive thoughts, good relationships, and big smiles help to counter or slow down the true aging process.

2) Photo aging — the result of ultraviolet radiation and inadequate protection from the sun. Sun damage is the most important cause of skin deterioration and wrinkles. Photo aging can be completely prevented with the skin's love potions, anti-oxidants and natural skin care methods found in the articles and information that follow.

Injured cells or particles of cells are called free-radicals. Free-radicals will link up with healthy cells and cross-linking occurs, and then healthy cells become injured. Cells contain genetic makeup, and when cross-linked, a chain reaction reproduces more and more injured cells. Wrinkles, precancerous lesions, brown and white spots, blemishes, little warts and sagging skin are a result of cross-linking cells.

Every day, we are exposed to free-radicals which come from environmental pollution, radiation from TV's, microwaves, radio waves, cellular phones, computer terminals, high tension wires, and also pesticides, industrial waste, auto exhaust, petrochemicals in skin products, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

All this sounds very devastating since we must contend with these things on a daily basis, but there is a bright side to al of these environmental skin hazards. Anti-oxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that work together cosmetically to protect, energize, and stimulate healthy skin cells. Antioxidants truly prevent degenerative skin disease while fighting free-radicals at a steady rate — the skin's dream come true!

Combat ancient skin by adding these nutritional anti-oxidants to your everyday diet. Anti-oxidants are essential for the healthy skin cell reproduction.

Here are a few antioxidants:

GAMA-LINOLEIC ACIT Acid (GLA): A T-lymphocyte regulator that protects the immune system, found in blue green algae, evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil, and borage oil.

L-CYSTEINE: A powerful detoxifier that promotes muscle building and burning of fat.

L-GLUTATHIONE: Helps the body detoxify itself from blood and liver disorders.

SELENIUM: A micro-nutrient that helps preserve the skin's elasticity.

SUPEROXIDE DISUMTASE (SOD): An enzyme produced in the body that protects against damaging effects of unstable oxygen species and may possibly prevent growth of cancer cells. Foods containing SOD are blue green algae, barley grass, wheat grass, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and most green plants.

VITAMINS A & BETA CAROTENE: Destroy carcinogens and promote germ killing enzymes.

VITAMIN C: Stimulates healthy free-radical fighting cells.

VITAMIN E: Looks after the lipids in your body and helps prevent fats from becoming rancid. C

Avoid using skin products that contain drying agents like cetyl and stearyl alcohol or petrochemicals. All types of synthetic chemicals cause damaging cross-linking to occur. I sincerely doubt that multi-billion dollar chemical companies really care about your skin!

Natural skin care is the key to youthful, anti-aging skin. It's fun and easy! Make your own love potions that suit your skin the best. Go find your favorite vegetable oils that contain anti-oxidant properties, like avocado, almond, apricot, and olive oils. Then add a few drops of anti-aging essential oils like neroli (orange blossom flower), rose, lavender, rosemary, sweet orange, lemon, lime, oregano, myrrh, or fennel. Now you have a wonderful, nutritious, anti-aging oil splash for the entire body!

Herbs such as calendula flower, comfrey leaf, horsetail, coltsfoot, slippery elm, echinacea flower, borage, elder flowers, immortal, and yarrow are just a few herbs that help topically with cellular regeneration.

Age gracefully and fight those cell damaging free-radicals every inch of the way. Day by day, you will feel younger and look better. Your beautiful, healthy, vibrant, anti-aging skin depends on the natural skin care methods you use.

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