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Q. Why do creams and lotions vary in color from time to time?

A. The natural beeswax, flower waxes, and herbs themselves vary in color, which carries over to the finished product.


Q. Why do the lotions sometimes have a small amount of separation at the top?

A. This is a characteristic of a chemical-free lotion. No chemical emulsifiers are used in our products. The separation has no adverse effect on the product's performance.


Q. Some customers have suggested that the lotions and creams feel oily at first. Why is this?

A. Most commercial lotions and creams have heavy-duty drying agents in them, such as cetyl alcohol. This chemical causes rapid evaporation of the product when applied. With continued use of cetyl alcohol, your skin dries out, cracks, and ages faster. With our lotions and creams, use smaller amounts and take a minute to let it naturally absorb into the skin. Healthy, good-looking skin is the end result when using chemical-free lotions and creams.


Q. What are antioxidants?

A. A group of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that work together cosmetically to protect, energize, and stimulate healthy skin cells. Antioxidants truly prevent degenerative skin disease.


Q. What is the difference between calendula flower and comfrey leaf?

A. Calendula flower has been used traditionally to heal sunburns, inflammation, and skin irritation. In ancient times, calendula flower was used for beautifying purposes and especially for toning the skin. Today, cosmetic experts praise calendula flower for its rejuvenating and healing effects on injured and damaged skin. 

Comfrey leaf is a popular folk herb traditionally used topically to promote healing of wounds. Allantoin is a compound found in this herb. It stimulates healthy tissue formation and is widely used in body care products for its skin-soothing and softening properties. Cosmetic experts have studied comfrey leaf and have found that it promotes cell regeneration.


Q. What is a salve?

A. A salve is a healing ointment.


Q. How do I redeem my gift card or coupon code?

A. Once you've added your items to your shopping bag, click "CHECK OUT". There will be a field that says "Gift Card or Discount Code". (On a desktop computer this will be located near the top right of your screen, just below the products you're purchasing. On a smaller device like a tablet or mobile phone, this is located at the top left where it says "Show Order Summary". Click "Show Order Summary" and it will reveal the "Gift Card or Discount Code" field.) Enter your code into the field and click APPLY. Your discount will appear below the field and the new discounted price will recalculate automatically. That's it! Happy shopping.