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Articles by Denise

The Natural Magic of BODY NURISH Skin Care

~ Body Nurish DAILY Facial Care (5-step program)

~ Body Nurish WEEKLY Facial Care

~ Body Nurish Body Care


The POWER REPAIR Secret to Triple Treatment for Young and Supple Skin

~ The 5-Step Layering Process


Why The Power Repair FACE MIST "Feels" So Good

~ The Therapeutic Influence of Essential Oils in our Ingredients


The Power of SUPER SALVE'S Butters, Masks, and Scrubs to Create Healthy, Natural Skin

~ Body Butters

~ Sugar Scrub

~ Replenishing Hair Mask


What's in Those Wonderful SUPER SALVE Balms?

~ Description of the ingredients in our balms


Why are Waxes and Butters in Natural Skin Care Products?

~ Overview of Carnauba Wax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, and Beeswax


Facts That Save the Skin

~ A natural skin care primer


Recipes For The Skin

~ Three Steps For Stressed Out Skin

~ Facial Fondue For Two

~ Secret Glow Body Paste


The Skin’s Anti-aging Love Potions

~ The two types of skin aging

~ A rundown on the primary antioxidants


Your Skin Can Tell

~ Skin care layers - overview

~ Natural skin care versus chemical ingredients